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 Global anti-aging enterprises outstanding practitioners, anti-aging workshop co., LTD

 The world association of anti-aging - global strategic partner

A2H is Anti - Aging House three English words, means Aging workshop. Aging workshop 2009 holdings co., LTD, is good at technology and research and development of richly ji co フ リ ー ゲ ィ ジ (Japan) set up in wuhan, hubei dream workshop technology (wuhan) co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "A2H"), to create the world's most safety, the most effective and most unique anti-aging service brand, the brand has been in the United States, China, Japan, Hong Kong and other dozens of countries and regions in the world are allowed to register.
A2H using the latest of the world's leading business model, relying on the support of the China council for the promotion of health fund services in China and the asia-pacific region against aging products and services have a strong thirst for customers. Introduces the Japanese beauty muscle UTU best-selling brand, break through the traditional beauty industry, with the "the beauty of the peptide peptides health" concept, in the outside to raise, create the first brand, health and beauty, oral beauty for women all over the world opened up a road which leads into the palace of "old"!
On May 26, 2016, A2H ipo at the Australian national exchange, select the one hundred - year - old Australian national exchanges become our A2H listed on the stock exchange, because Australia's national stock exchange has a complete system, humanized service, especially for innovative enterprises provide a good platform for the financing, plus Australia commonwealth countries as a sound legal system, for the majority of investors to provide a good guarantee.
A2H will also in the Chinese market vigorously promote "low carbon life Life is beautiful "the large-scale public welfare activities aimed at sharing advocated the humanity and the earth young life.