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Anti-Aging House (“A2H”) & Guangzhou CHANTS signed mutual beneficial agreement for a better future!

Release Time:2016-08-31 14:26     Number Of Times Read: Secondary

Recently, the executives of both Anti-Aging House (A2H)and Guangzhou CHANTS (CHANTS) signed a strategic co-operation agreement to establish a comprehensive partnership for the Chinese beauty &personal care market.
    According to the CEO of A2H, this partnership sets a whole new milestone for the industry. The company strives to be the top cosmetology brand with an easy to remember slogan: “Beauty and healthy with peptide”.  Combining its experience from the research & development of anti-aging polypeptide protein products & diets and its study on body aging factors, A2H is looked by its peers as the leading company of this anti-aging industry. By taking advantage of its unique business model and the supports from China Health Promotion Foundation (China HPF), A2H services every anti-aging conscious client through out the entire Pacific-Asia region; it also opened a wide road to “eternal beauty” for every woman on earth with the introduction of world renown Japanese beauty brand UTU and the combination of nutritional basis & external application basis methods.

Guangzhou CHANTS (CHANTS) spent the last 20 years to become “your most reliable friend” when it comes to professional personal caring products. Its never compromising quality, ever edging technology and unique but systematic beauty concept helped CHANTS achieve countless awards such as "Asian famous brand award", " the most influential skincare brand in China", "High quality reputated brand on protection of consumer", "Ruili fashion influence brand". It is a franchise with more than 5000 brick & mortar stores in China and its sales channels are extended through professional salon, daily cosmetic stores & e-commerce.

A2H and CHANTS’s cooperation will be reflected on the market in multi-dimensions. Combining the R&D power of A2H in anti-aging domain with the CHANTS extensive affluent client network, both companies are committed to push the polypeptide protein based antiaging products & solutions to the next level in the Chinese market. They will also implement a multi brand strategy to acquire market share swiftly and provide female clients a comprehensive yet integrative health & skin care solution.

This strategic agreement brought both companies together for one common objective: increase the competitiveness of polypeptide based beauty products in the health & skin care market. Furthermore, the 2 companies core values will be increased through the benefit of this joint across product development, marketing, resource integration and sales channel sharing. The beauty industry will also evolve along with the partnership’s success and harmoniously achieves a win-win scenario.